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"Coupling high resolution .."

« Coupling high resolution bone imaging with micro finite element analysis to assess local bone adaptation – insights from the mouse tibia loading model »

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Student Research Project

As part of their studies in the BioMedical Engineering Master, four students form a research team to participate in an international competition for technical and scientific innovation (InOC: International Organoid Contest).

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Seminar Reading and writing the neural code

We are pleased to announce that Qi WANG, Director of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Laboratory for Neural Engineering and Control at Columbia's Biomedical Engineering Department...

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Seminar : The calcaneopedal foot unit

For our last OpenYourMind seminar of the year 2018, we have the great pleasure to announce that the talk will be given by Philippe WICART., Pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Hôpital Necker-Enfants maladies (Necker hospital for Sick Children) University Hospital, Paris Descartes University...

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Seminar: In vivo barycentremet

This "Open Your Mind" seminar will be given by Wafa Skalli, Arts et Metiers Engineer, Founder and scientific director of the Institut de Biomécanique Humaine Georges Charpak, coinventor of the EOS low dose biplanar X-Rays system and member of the National Academy of Surgery.

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