Eiffel scholarship

Warning : Campus France manages the Eiffel scholarships.For the Eiffel scholarship, the application is done on the website https://u-paris.fr/en/eiffel-scholarship-2024-call-for-applications-is-launched
Example: if you wish to apply for Eiffel and Smarts-UP scholarships, you must submit 2 applications.

Notice 1: the deadline to apply for the Eiffel scholarship in order to attend the BME Paris Master’s Program is earlier than the Campus France deadline. You must apply between October 18 and October 31, 11:59pm (for a academic year 2024-2025).

Notice 2: You cannot submit your application directly to Campus France. Université Paris Cité accepts, supports, and submits the application forms to Campus France on your behalf

Notice 3: we are well aware that the regular application process for the BME Paris Master’s Program opens in January. That is why we open the early application phase for scholarship applicants ONLY. If you fill out the application form for the Eiffel scholarship, you will NOT need to apply again during the regular application process on our portal.


1st step: Start by verifying your eligibility for the Eiffel Scholarship by consulting the Eiffel Program Guide available at (https://www.campusfrance.org/en/eiffel-scholarship-program-of-excellence).The candidate must be at most 25 years old during the 2024 candidacy campaign; that is, born after March 31, 1993. », as well as students currently residing in France. Additionally, ensure you meet the requirements for the BME Paris Master’s Program by reviewing the prerequisites and eligibility criteria thoroughly.

2nd step: to be completed before October 31, 2023 at 11:59pm CET

  1. Prepare your application. The documents must be translated into English or French. Note: One document is required in PDF format. All documents must be sent in a ZIP file entitled “EIFFEL23/24_NOM_Prénom”:
    • Photocopy of passport or national ID card
    • Curriculum vitae in English (2 pages max)
    • For Master programme, the application file must include:
      • A photocopy of your passport or an identity card
      • Curriculum vitae in French or English (1 to 2 pages)
      • Copy of academic transcripts since you are in Higher Education
      • Academic ranking from previous year (optional, but strongly recommended to demonstrate your excellence). If your university does not systematically issue this document, you should ask the person in charge of your course to deliver a signed attestation mentioning your ranking.
      • Your degrees/diplomas
      • Certificate or diploma of the master’s degree language, if it is not your native language
      • Motivation letter/professional project from the candidate in French or English (1 to 2 pages, explaining the choice of studies in France in relation to previous studies and future professional career.Recommendation letters from academic and professional referees (maximum 3 letters)

3th step: 

Send your complete application (Master) to: boursesEiffel.iro@u-paris.fr no later than 31/10/2023 23h59.

Candidates pre-selected by Université Paris Cité will be contacted by email before 01/12/2023. If you are not contacted after this date, it means that Université Paris Cité has not selected your application for the Eiffel scholarship.

  • Incomplete applications sent after the deadline or do not comply with the procedure will not be considered and applicants will not receive a reply.


Notice 4: we strongly recommend that you look for other scholarships on your side (ask the French embassy in your country) because the Eiffel scholarship is extremely competitive and it gives priority to new comers, i.e. students who have never been to France before. If you are already living in France at the time you are applying, the program chairs will not select your application.