Imaging Modalities and Processing

Imaging Modalities and Processing (IMP)

The Imaging Modalities and Processing (IMP) track provides robust training to engineers, scientists, and physicians in the domain of medical and biological imaging modalities and image processing methodologies for computer-based data extraction and interpretation, and for diagnosis, as well as for their innovative uses in novel applications, such as therapeutic treatments, laser surgery, and in-vivo optical screening.

IMP courses provide students with solid technical training in the physics of medical imaging modalities, technologies involved in various acquisition systems, and image processing methods for the extraction of anatomical and biological information. There is a special focus on the quantification of image-based information and image-based modeling of biological and anatomical structures.

Teaching is mainly provided by engineering faculty, researchers, and physicians working in radiology who are highly familiar with technical innovations related to computational methods, imaging systems, and innovative therapies. A wide network of research laboratories at ParisTech and Paris-Descartes partner establishments affords students access to industrial and experimental imaging systems and acquire training in handling of such systems.