Fighting Bone Infection - Antibiotics Loaded Hydrogel Carrier for the Prevention and Treatment of Bone Infection

Arts et Métiers 155 Boulevard de l'Hôpital 75013 Paris Bézier Amphitheater

We are looking forward to host David ENGLIN (Google Citation),Professor at Ecoles des Mines Saint Etienne, IMT in the BioMat – Biomaterials Engineering department (Synthesis and manufacturing of bioceramics; In vitro bone tissue models; Development of bioinstructive materials for understanding mechanisms; Study of the behavior and aging of orthopedic implants) . He will be discussing the development of antibiotics loaded hydrogel-based carrier with the ability to prevent and treat infection in small and large animal models. The talk will highlight the several scientific and technical locks that were identified, and the effort of this team to provide a relevant solution to patients and clinicians.