Romain Fontaine

Romain Fontaine

Associate Professor

Institut Cochin, 

24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques, 75014 Paris

Short Biography

Romain Fontaine obtained his PhD in Biology in 2006 and after two post-docs became Associate Professor at Sorbonne Université, Saint-Antoine Research Center, in 2011. He transferred to Université Paris Cité and Institut Cochin in 2018.

Research Interests

His research team “Cutaneous Biology” combines fundamental cellular and genetic approaches with translational ones, with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the role of stem cells in skin homeostasis, as well as in certain severe diseases for which there is an unmet medical need: delayed wound healing, carcinogenesis and inflammatory skin diseases.


  • PAS/LAS, Licence 2 Biologie 4 « Développement, plasticité et cellules souches »

  • Master 2 BDC

  • Master 2 MCB

  • Visiting Professor at USTH, Vietnam

Professional Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Co-director of the « Cutaneous Biology » laboratory at Institut Cochin
  • Co-leader of the « Genetic and Cellular Plasticity » research axis at Institut Cochin