MIEM scholarship

Warning 1: the deadline to apply for the MIEM scholarship for the BME Paris Master’s Program is earlier than the Université Paris Cité deadline. You  must apply for the MIEM scholarship in order to attend the BME Paris master’s program between January 11th 2021 at 12am and January 24th 2021 at 11:59pm (for a program that starts in September the following academic year).

Warning 2: the procedure to apply for the MIEM scholarship for the BME Paris Master’s program is different from the procedure described on the Université Paris Cité website. Please follow our procedure described below.

Warning 3: you cannot apply for the MIEM scholarship by contacting the headquarters directly. You MUST follow OUR procedure described below between January 11th 2021 at 12am and January 24th 2021 at 11:59pm.

Warning 4: we are well aware that the regular application process for our program opens in February. However, we open an early application phase for MIEM candidates ONLY. If you apply for the MIEM scholarship and are selected, you will have a secured position in our program no matter if you obtain the scholarship or not.

Warning 5: we strongly recommend that you look for other scholarships on your side (ask the French embassy in your country) because the MIEM scholarship is extremely competitive and there are a lot of applicants.

Warning 6: the MIEM scholarship is reserved for new comers only, ie students who have never lived in France before. If you are already living in France you cannot apply for the MIEM scholarship.

1st step: Check if you are eligible for the MIEM scholarship:
– you must have a foreign citizenship (not French or binational)
– you must have graduated from high school in a foreign country and hold a non-French high school diploma
– you must not hold any French diploma even a higher education diploma

2nd step: prepare your application

  1. If you are eligible, you must pick the track of the BME Paris Master’s Program you wish to attend next year : M1, M2 BIM, M2 BIN, M2 BioMAT, M2 BioMECH or M2 MCB –> check the program of the different tracks NB. Check the prerequisites on top of this page because if you have a Bachelor’s degree, you cannot apply for a M2 track
  2. You must prepare the following documents:
  • CV in English (1 to 2 pages)
  • Personal statement/professional project in English (1 to 2 pages): the candidate writes his/her personal project and explains why he/she chooses to study in France in comparison to his/ her previous studies and his/her future professional career. The candidate must also mention why he/she applies for the MIEM scholarship.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Transcripts from all your higher education years in English or French only (certified by your institution): it must include the ranking if applicable, number of students in the school year, name of the diploma with the specialty, date of expected completion and final marks
  • Higher education diploma(s) if you have any at the time of application
  • Two letters of recommendation which you can either attach to your application if you have them OR your refrees will be contacted directly through the application form
  • Certificate of English language (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, etc.) in a PDF document or through ETS or the proof that your study program was entirely taught in English
  • Certificate of school attendance for the current year (if applicable) and to be downloaded in the extra document section

NB. You can also attach any document that will make your application outstanding.

3rd step: apply online by clicking on the « APPLY NOW » button between January 11th 2021 at 12am and January 24th 2021 at 11:59pm

4th step: If your application is selected by the BME Paris committee, you will be informed through email at the end of January at the latest and you will be sent an application form which you will have to complete and email back within 24 hours.