Ethics and Research Integrity Seminar Series with Alexei Grinbaum, Ph.D.

Online at 6 pm

Ethics & Research Integrity Seminar Series

“AI ethics in digital health” by Alexei Grinbaum, Ph.D.  –  April 14th Wednesday

Alexei Grinbaum, Ph.D., HDR, is a physicist and philosopher at LARSIM, the Philosophy of Science Group at CEA-Saclay near Paris. His main interest is in the foundations of quantum theory. He also writes on the ethical and social aspects of emerging technologies, including synthetic biology, robotics and artificial intelligence. Grinbaum is a member of the French national ethics committee for digital technologies (CNPEN) and of the French ethics commission for research in information technology (Cerna). He is also an ethics expert for the European Commission. His books include « Mécanique des étreintes » (2014) and « Les robots et le mal » (2019).