Students' Association

Who are we ?

BME Paris & Alumni Students’ Association is an association composed of BME Master’s students, in charge of the BME student’s and alumni’s life. As we consider social interactions a key factor for professional success, our goal is to promote the integration between students from the different years and tracks, as well as with alumni. Our goal also involves to welcome and guide international students with their new lives in France. In order to achieve this, we offer throughout the year different social and academical events, such as after works, dinners and more!

The 2019-2020 Team


If you are :

  • a student looking for guidance, more information about the BME Master, the student’s events, the international student’s integration…
  • an alumni from BME and you want to keep in contact and/or to share your experience…
  • a prospect student seeking for information and advices about the BME master from students and alumni…
  • a company or an association and you want to collaborate with us…

… Do not hesitate to contact us !


Address: 45 Rue des Saints-Pères, 75006 Paris


Telephone Number: +33 0 7 88 46 97 05

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