Laurent Corté

Laurent Corté


Mines ParisTech
60 Bd Saint Michel,
75006 Paris

Short Biography
Laurent Corté is Professor at Mines-ParisTech and a member of the laboratory Molecular, Macromolecular Chemistry and Materials at ESPCI Paris. He graduated from Mines-ParisTech and received his PhD in 2006 in Materials Physics and Chemistry at ESPCI Paris. After other experiences on nanostructured polymers at Kyoto University and on complex fluid flows at New-York University, he joined Mines-ParisTech and PSL university in 2008 to develop a research activity on biomaterials. His research focuses on the physical properties of soft macromolecular solids and aims at designing materials offering novel or enhanced performances that are of interest to clinicians and biologists. Main current projects include the development of artificial ligaments, surgical adhesives and injectable gels for cell therapies.
Research Interests
  • Soft matter physics
  • Biomaterials design
  • Polymers
  • Hydrogels


  • Fundamentals in biomaterials science
  • Principles in tissue engineering

Professional Responsibilities and Experiences

  • Cochair of the BioMAT track