Hugo Salmon

Hugo Salmon

Associate Professor

UFR des Sciences Fondamentales et Biomédicales,
Université de Paris
Campus Saint-Germain-des Prés,

45, rue des Saints-Pères, 75270 Paris Cedex 06

Short Biography

Dr. Hugo Salmon is currently an Associate Professor of Physics at Paris University. He obtained his PhD in Physics from Université d’Orsay in 2014, is an alumni from Ecole Centrale de Lille (2010) and is also Agrégé de Mathematics (2016). During his PhD, he contributed to the emergence of magnetic mobile microrobots on chip for micromanipulation of cells and remote sensing in biofluids. He won twice the NIST microrobotic competition during these projects. During his postdoctoral studies, he worked between the Faculty of Pharmacy of Université de Paris and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering at McGill University where he developed on chip analytical techniques for nanomedicines and pharmaceutical sciences.

His current research work is dedicated to study with a Biophysics angle the interaction between nanoparticles and biology at micro and nanoscale. His research is strongly methodological, his team develops advanced in vitro models and analytical techniques on microfluidic chips. His current research is hosted at MSC and T3S where he focuses on the interplay between sub-cellular vesicles and neurological matter and use his knowledge to explore both fundamental and therapeutical aspects.

He is involved in Mechanics of Sport for Medical , Biomedical engineering and Mathematics undergraduates. He also teaches in the Master BME .

Research Interests
  • Microfluidic in vitro model
  • Microfluidics for pharmacological sciences
  • Analytical chemistry for nanomedicines and biotherapeutics


  • Mechanics of Sport
  • Scientific models
  • Literature review
  • Biofablab

Professional Responsibilities and Experiences

He is in charge of Biofablab and Mechanics courses and part of the executive staff of BME (since 2021)