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Imaging form Molecule to Human (IMH)

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The Imaging from Molecule to Human (IMH) track is intended to provide solid multidisciplinary training (physics, pharmacology, chemistry, biology, medicine, and image-processing), with a major focus on imaging, in order to prepare BME students to pursue a career path in academic research or industrial research and development.
Subtrack courses
UE 3.7a - Chemistry level 2 : molecular tools for imaging
UE 3.8a - Advanced Biology for Imaging
UE 3.9a - Medicine: Molecular Imaging
UE 3.10a - Medicine: Functional and Metabolic Imaging
UE 3.11 - Core courses
UE 3.12 - Elective courses of IMH or IMP tracks
The IMH track will enable students with backgrounds in the life-sciences, medicine, and material sciences to acquire a broad spectrum of knowledge in biological and medical imaging, providing them with a broad prospective of the domain and the high-level technical skills needed to devise novel and innovative solutions.

This track offers a unique combination of courses, involving instructors from various fields, including particle and molecular imaging, biology, medicine, image acquisition systems and physics principles, as well as image processing for computer aided diagnosis.  Courses are taught by engineers, researchers, university faculty, and physicians specialized in radiology, from ParisTech and the PRES Sorbonne Paris Cité, group of university-level institutions in the Paris area.  This diversity enables students to gain specific training in innovative technologies within the biological and medical imaging domain.

This high-level interdisciplinary education program qualifies students to seek jobs in industry (Research & Development departments) and to pursue their education towards a Ph.D. degree.


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