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Clinical BioMechanics (CBM)

Arts & Métiers ParisTech
Université Pierre & Marie Curie
Arts & Métiers ParisTech
The GBM track introduces BME students with life science backgrounds to engineering science tools and techniques, in order to provide them with a “language” that enables them to interact with students from engineering science backgrounds on interdisciplinary projects. The GBM track trains life-science students to understand the mechanisms of the human body in engineering terms, in view of specializing in biomechanics, the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and orthopedic medicine.
Subtrack courses
UE 3.7e - Mathematics
UE 3.8e - Statics
UE 3.9e - Kinematics
UE 3.10e - Strength of materials
UE 3.11e - Finite elements modeling
UE 3.12e - Kinematics of joints & gait analysis
UE 3.13e - Materials & structure behavior
Plus one additional course chosen from among courses of subtracks I2M, B2M, MS2, NEC & BC

Since this program was introduced in France during the 1980s at Arts et Métiers – ParisTech, around 200 orthopedics surgeons have been trained there in clinical biomechanics.

As far as the CBM track is concerned, you have two possibilities:

  • Do it in one year if you can do it full time (année de recherche)
  • Do it in two years if you pursue your clinical activity on the side
    • During the first year, you will attend courses every Thursday from 9:30am to 5:30pm at the ENSAM Paris from November until the end of June.
    • During the second year, you will do your research project and make sure that you have enough time to dedicate yourself to it.

In any case, the Interdisciplinary seminar which takes place during the second week of September (5 days) is absolutely mandatory for ALL M2 students and will validate 3 ECTS, which you need for the completion of your Master’s degree.

PDF schedule for 2016-2017.




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