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Impact and Injury Mechanisms (I2M)

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Road safety is a major socioeconomic issue. The World Health Organization predicts that road accidents will be the third biggest killer worldwide by 2020. The objective of the BME-Paris Master’s track is to validate the dialogue and complementarity related to road safety by awarding an original diploma in this field at both the national and international level.
Subtrack courses
UE 3.7a - Mechanical behavior of biological tissues
UE 3.9a - Impact mechanics & high velocities
UE 3.11a - Traumatology, injury mechanisms & therapies

The aim of the I2M track is to widen and deepen the scientific bases of road safety, as well as its clinical considerations. I2M training is mainly directed toward human modeling of high-velocity loading, but also includes a broad range of multidisciplinary domains, leaning heavily on experimental and clinical data. I2M training is designed to confer a wide range of competencies, from fundamental scientific analysis to concrete knowledge of various aspects of the field, such as accidentology data, regulation, and ethics considerations.

The presence among the teaching staff of representatives from INRETS (French National Institute of Research on Transport and Safety), as well as from French automobile manufacturers (LAB-GIE Renault-Peugeot), provides concrete approaches to problems related to this theme.


  • To acquire a large field of expertise, from fundamental analyses to the knowledge of aspects such regulatory aspects and ethics.
  • To acquire the basic scientific knowledge related to passenger protection and clinical treatment of the resulting injuries.
  • To develop methodologies for advanced research projects and to publish in international scientific journals.


  • Joint diploma delivered by ParisTech and Université Paris Descartes.
  • The association of medical & biomedical approaches with a strong link with the industry of transport.
  • A pedagogy centered on interdisciplinary, projects and seminars.


Arts et Métiers ParisTech, ParisTech campuses and Université Paris Descartes.


  • Multi body modeling of the Human Body for the simulation of impact
  • Experimental and numerical impact analysis of the proximal femur
  • Biomechanical & Neurophysiological analysis of the neck of Whiplash-Associated Disorders
  • Dynamic modeling of handi tennis player


Careers in industry: transport safety, sport, automotive industry

Positions: R&D, consultancy, project management.

PhD in Biomechanics & Bioengineering

Careers in academia


Academic partners: ParisTech Campuses, Univerité Paris Descartes, Université Pierre et Marie Currie

Industrial partners: Renault & PSA


The program is taught in English.


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