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Biomechanics : from tissues to musculoskeletal structures (BioMECH)

H. Pillet F. Rannou
Arts et Métiers ParisTech
Université Paris Descartes
The BioMechanics (BioMECH) provides fundamental tools and in-depth knowledge on the biomedical applications of mechanics and related fields. (BioMECH) education and training focus on recent and anticipated developments in biomechanics that hold promise for innovative solutions to major health problems and that respond to industrial challenges.
The lectures, team projects, case studies, and engineering and medical invited conferences by academic and industrial experts enable students to benefit from a stimulating and multidisciplinary environment.
This program provides scientists, engineers, and medical students with the wherewithal to face the numerous challenges of biomechanics  R&D; how to apply their skills in order to solve specific biomedical problems, how to carry out innovative and fruitful research with the appropriate methods and ethical considerations, how to collaborate and interact in projects at the interfaces among mechanics, materials, and biomedical science. PDF schedule for 2011-2012.
A set of core teaching units provides a broad overview of basic and state-of-the-art knowledge of biomechanics and its methods. In-depth focus on major biomechanics issues and research is developed in a series of four sub-tracks.
Four subtracks are proposed:
Each student chooses a sub-track and selects a set of at least four teaching units: three specific to the particular sub-track and one from the general master's program. A pedagogical commission of lecturers and researchers assists students and helps them to devise a personalized program consistent with their individual backgrounds and professional objectives.
Semester 3 Semester 4
UE 3.0 Seminars & conferences UE 4.0 Ethical aspects of bioengineering
UE 3.1 lnterdisciplinaiy week UE 4.1 Economical & industrial aspects
UE 3.2 Methodology & tutorial project UE 4.2 Lab training, research internship
UE 3.3 Modeling & simulation for biomechanics  
UE 3.4 Basics in cell and tissue biology
UE 3.5 Basics in biomaterial science
UE 3.6 Anatomy

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