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BME Seminars - David N. KU

Seminar announcement flyer

We are pleased to announce that our first OpenYourMind seminar of the year 2018-2019 will be given by David N. Ku, PhD, MD, Regents’ and L.P. Huang Chair Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor of Surgery, Emory School of Medicine. The seminar will be held in this Friday, September 28 2018 between 1:30 pm and 3 pm in Amphi Bézier at ENSAM ParisTech (151, Boulevard de l’Hopital, 75013 Paris). The seminar topic will be “The Fastest, Strongest Bond in Biology – Can Save You or Kill You ! ".

Arterial blood flow is critical to life.  With trauma, the blood must clot quickly or the body will exsanguinate.  With heart attack and strokes, blood clotting cuts off oxygen to the end-organ causing death.  Our hemodynamics studies show that white blood clots in arteries occur at very high shear rates capturing platelets using the fastest bond measured in biology (microseconds) at almost 100% efficiency.  The biophysical mechanism likely depends on the unusual longest protein in the body, von Willebrand Factor, more so than platelets that are actually a secondary player.  vWF morphs into efficient nets with exposure of 10,000X the bond sites only under pathologically high shear rates.  Platelet margination, previously thought to be crucial to white clot formation, is shown to be secondary by Lattice-Boltzman and experimental techniques.  The in silico and in vitro results are translated into in vivo clinical utility to develop new medical devices to control clotting.  I will also discuss the commercialization of an orthopedic medical device.

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