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BME Seminars - Jean-Paul LAUMOND

Seminar announcement flyer

We are pleased to announce that on Friday Februay 10 2017, we will have the pleasure of hosting a talk by Jean-Paul LAUMOND IEEE Fellow, directeur de Recherche at LAAS-CNRS (team Gepetto) and member of the French Academy of Technologies. The seminar will be held between 1:30 pm and 3 pm in Amphi Fournel at ENSAM ParisTech (151, Boulevard de l’Hopital, 75013 Paris). The seminar topic will be “Humanoid Robot: Anatomy Lesson”.

Humanoid robots are machines with an anthropomorphic shape that includes a head, a torso, two legs and two arms.  As robots, they are able to perceive their surrounding environment via sensors, as well as to move through many motors controlling their internal degrees of freedom. The first challenge for such machines is to maintain balance when walking. The second challenge is to select the best motion to perform a given task. Both challenges are the purpose of many research projects. We will briefly report on the way humanoid robots are walking and on the way they are grasping an object. The presentation will be illustrated by various experiments conducted at LAAS-CNRS on the humanoid robot HRP2-14. The presentation will also address challenging pluridisciplinary issues involving neuroscience and biomechanics.

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