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BME Seminars - David Mitton

Seminar announcement flyer

We are pleased to announce that our next OpenYourMind seminar will be given by David MITTON, Research Director, Director of the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Impact Mechanics Université de Lyon – IFSTTAR and President of the Société de Biomécanique. The seminar will be held this Friday, 13/01/2017 between 1:30 pm and 3 pm in Amphi Fournel at ENSAM ParisTech (151, Boulevard de l’Hopital, 75013 Paris). The seminar topic will be “Speed effects on the mechanical
properties of cortical bone.  Challenges for fracture risk prediction?


David Mitton is interested in fracture risk prediction. He has developed expertise in tissue biomechanics. His current research topic concerns speed effect on cortical bone mechanical properties. The lecture will focus on bone fractures related to falls, representing 90% of the fractures. The influence of the fall loading on the mechanical properties of cortical bone will be assessed according to the anatomical sites. In a near future, this knowledge will be used in biomechanical models to better predict fracture risk in order to bring more discriminant tools to the clinicians for their diagnosis.

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