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BME Seminars - Marcel FILOCHE

Seminar announcement flyer

For our next BME seminar, scheduled tomorrow, Friday, February 12th 2016, will have the pleasure of hosting a talk given by Marcel Filoche, CNRS research director, deputy director of the laboratory "Physique de la Matière Condensée" at Ecole polytechnique, and Professor at the École des Mines de Paris. The conference will be held  between 1:30 pm and 3 pm in lecture theatre Fournel at ENSAM ParisTech. The seminar topic will be “The mechanics of transport in the human tracheobronchial tree”.

The tracheobronchial tree brings external air to the gas exchange units through conducting airways. Thanks to it's bronchiol tree and  hierarchials structure, it can be considered as the result of an optimal compromise simultaneaously  satisfying constraints of minimisation of air resistance, of volume and of transit duration. This analysis however, which is based on a hypothesis of linear behaviour, can be disproved when applied in situations other than standard ventilation. It is the case, for example, of forced expiration during which all the air contained in the lungs is exhaled as rapidely as possible. It is also the case when the tracheobronchial tree is exploited for the adminstration of surfactants intratracheally, the instead of for ventilation. In each of these situation, we will show how modelling can account for  specific conditions of lung functionning and highlight how the non-linearities of the system contribute to the emergence of a complexe and incredible system. We will study the physical and  physiological consequences and will open perspectives concerning potention clinical applications.

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