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BME Seminars - Pierre de Meyts

Seminar announcement flyer

For our next BME seminar, we will have the pleasure of hosting a talk given by Pierre de Meyts, Professor Emeritus, managing Director of De Meyts R&D Consulting SPRLU and Chief Editor of Frontiers in Molecular and Structural Endocrinology. The conference will be held  between 1:30 pm and 3 pm in lecture theatre Fournel at ENSAM ParisTech. The seminar topic will be “Protein engineering of modern insulins”.

Diabetes mellitus is one of the oldest diseases known to mankind. Insulin has been used for diabetes therapy since its discovery in 1921. Considerable progress has been made in insulin preparations and manufacturing  from the initial extracted pig and bovine insulins, to the contemporary recombinant human insulins and insulin analogues. In my lecture, I will review the history of insulin research from the first isolation to the crystal structure in 1969, the progress in manufacturing and design due to genetic engineering and improved purification methods, leading to the recombinant human insulins in the 1980s. I will also review the structural basis of insulin receptor binding and structure-function relationships. I will finally discuss the design and PK/PD of modern basal and bolus insulin analogues.

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