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BME Seminars - Thierry Villette

Seminar announcement flyer

Our next "Open Your Mind" seminar is scheduled for Friday, November 28th between 1:30 pm and 3 pm and will be held in lecture theatre Langevin at ESPCI ParisTech (10, rue Vauquelin, entrance N in the courtyard, 2nd floor). The seminar will be given by Thierry Villette, director of the Neuro-bio-sensory R&D department of ESSILOR International. The seminar topic will be “Bad blue light and good blue light to the eye: new research resulted in the first selective photoprotection ophthalmic filter”.

Blue light is known to induce cumulative damage to the retina and is pointed out as one of the risk factors in Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). This presentation will remind the state-of-the-art on blue light toxicity to the eye: how light interacts with ocular tissues, what are the mechanisms of phototoxicity, what do the epidemiology studies tell us on light and AMD, how in vitro and animal studies had determined a blue-light 'action spectrum', how new lighting and display technologies enhance the eye exposure to blue light. Blue light is also essential to the circadian rhythms through the 3rd photoreceptor of the eye discovered in 2002. This specific band of cyan blue and green photoentrains our body so as to keep the proper cycles of sleep, hormones etc. Since 2009, Essilor and the Paris Vision Institute have conducted an original experiment on the RPE retinal cells and elucidated more specifically which wavelengths of violet and blue light are more noxious. This gave rise to the development of various technologies of selective spectral filtering and to the first selective photoprotection ophthalmic filter.

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