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BME Seminars - Frédéric Schmidt


On the 31st January 2014, the BME seminars "Open Your Mind" will host a conference of Frédéric Schmidt from the UMR 176-Institut Curie/CNRS.


The conference will take place on Friday 31st january at Centre Universitaire des Saints Pères, 45 rue des Saints Pères, 75006 Paris, R229, from 13h30 to 15h00.



“Self-immolative spacers are currently used in prodrug strategies or for enzymatic cleavable probes. Our aim is to control the rate of release of a drug after activation of the prodrug. We designed a new strategy to get quantitative data on the kinetic parameters. The principle is based on a photoactivation step permitting the liberation of the spacer in the form of a free phenol, and subsequent liberation of the drug after the self-immolation step. On a model compound, various parameters were studied: the substituents of the spacer, its pKa, the nature of the leaving group. With a self-immolative spacer strategy, it is also possible to liberate quasi-simultaneously two compounds (a drug and a reporter) for the determination of the locally delivered concentration of active compounds in vivo. Syntheses and rate determinations will be presented”


Published on: 27 January 2014 11:21
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