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BME seminar Alexandre BARBAS

Flyer Alexandre Barbas

The BME seminars "Open Your Mind" will host a conference of Alexandre BARBAS from the firm OBL Paris. the conference is entitled " Research & Development: from university to industry ".

"Research & Development: from university to industry "

The conference will take place on Friday 11th october at Arts & Métiers ParisTech, 151 boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013 Paris, Amphi Fournel, from 13h30 to 15h00.

"The need to put an innovative product on the market needs years of preparation. Research & Development can take an important place in this preparation step. This was the case for OBL when a project concerning a new type of bone substitutes was born. Numerical simulations, experimental tests and laboratory analyses were carried out in order to totally define this new product. I had the opportunity to manage this multidisciplinary project through a PhD thesis. Now, these three years of experience in R&D enable me to go ahead on this project and to manage other projects at a higher level in the company. It is also interesting to see how each step developed in the research & development phase is useful to design every single patient specific bone substitute during the everyday work.."

Published on: 10 October 2013 12:32  | Updated: 25 November 2013 10:21
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