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BME seminar Kristin ZHAO

Flyer Kristin Zhao

The BME seminars "Open Your Mind" will host a lecture of Kristin ZHAO from the Orthopedic Biomechanic Laboratory of the Mayo Clinic (USA). Her conference is entitled " Dynamic (4D) CT Imaging Methods For the Hand and Wrist ".

The conference will take place on Friday 04th october at Arts & Métiers ParisTech, 151 boulevard de l’Hôpital, 75013 Paris, Amphi Bezier, from 13h30 to 15h00.

"Non-invasive imaging techniques for the measurement of joint motion have evolved over the past decade and have strengthened our ability to quantify arthrokinematics of various joints. Our team has been developing and applying a novel method of quantifying wrist and thumb (CMC) arthrokinematics using dynamic (4D) CT techniques. This presentation will introduce methods for acquiring and analyzing arthrokinematics of the wrist and CMC during functional tasks both in vitro and in vivo."

Published on: 2 October 2013 17:05  | Updated: 25 November 2013 10:20
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