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BME Seminars: Frans van der Helm

Flyer Franz van der Helm

Friday 21th of June, the BME seminars will host the last lecture of this year. The lecture will be given by Frans van der Helm ( Delft University of Technology , The Netherlands) entitled "System Identification of Neuromuscular, Visual and Vestibulary Feedback Properties ".  (See attached flyer for a short biography)

"The simultaneously gain modulation of force and position feedback loop determines the admittance of the human limbs. Force feedback originates from the Golgi tendon organs, and position feedback from the muscle spindles. Position tasks require a low admittance of the human limb (‘resist’), whereas force tasks require a high admittance (‘give way’). Using closed-loop system identification mechanisms in combination with force perturbations, the quantitative contribution of the various feedback loops can be determined. In force tasks, the admittance becomes higher than in passive conditions, showing that the reflexive feedback is actively ‘giving way’. Remarkably, experimental results show a switch of the sign of position and force feedback gains between position and force tasks.
In controlling vehicles like cars and airplanes, human also modulate their admittance. Perturbation methods enable the quantification of the admittance in these functional tasks, resulting from vestibular, visual and proprioceptive feedback. In general, the admittance is in between the passive and force task settings, actively giving way!
It is concluded that Golgi tendon feedback has a similar important role for the admittance of the human limbs as muscle spindles, and they should be simultaneously quantified in order to understand neuromuscular control.

The conference will take place at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Amphi Fournel  from 13h30 to 15h

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